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Enter the world of business and compete against one another in a race to climb the corporate ladder, all the while dealing with the advantages and pitfalls that stem from the domination of Male Privilege in society.

Privilege is a Board Game that revolves around exploring important social issues, specifically the issue of 'Male Privilege' in society. Players each take on the role of either a male or female employee in the Office of an upcoming Accounting Firm, and must make their way throughout the various challenges that define daily office life. Players must navigate the game-board, encountering Scenarios along whose outcomes reflect the discrimination that still dominates the workplace. Their goal, reach the finish line first and secure a promotion to Upper Management. It is designed to be played by 2-4 people, with the average playtime running between 7 and 14 minutes, depending on the number of Players.

Privilege is a free board-game created by SAE QANTM Students Elise Demalmanche and Kira Zingmark.

Synopsis & Gameplay

Privilege is a Board Game that is themed and oriented around exploring important social issues, specifically the issue of 'Male Privilege' in society. It is designed to be played by 2-4 people, with the average playtime running between 7 and 14 minutes, depending on the number of Players.

In Privilege, Players take on the role of Office Employees working for a fictitious Accounting Firm, and are tasked with navigating a linear-esq game-board, at the end of which lies the finish line. Players are either Male or Female in the game, and each take turns rolling a dice to determine how many places they will move forward. Around the board are Coloured squares (Pink and Blue) that relate to each gender, giving a specific result (eg. Player is sent back 2 squares etc) based on the gender it corresponds to. There are also a number of 'Chance' squares, which refer to Decks of Scenario Cards that the Players can draw, segregated by gender. These Scenarios reflect situations that can occur in the workplace, and may reward or punish the Player when drawn. Players progress around the game-board gradually, with the first Player to reach the finish declared the Winner, gaining the 'big promotion'.

Centred around the subject of Gender Inequality in today's world, we want to give Players an experience that showcases multiple perspectives on the issue of Male Privilege. This includes showcasing, through game-play, the advantages and affordances typically granted to Men, contrasted against the disadvantages and challenges that Women have to face on a daily basis. We want to explore the disproportionate biases that many Women struggle to overcome each day, and how Gender Discrimination is a detrimental harm that is holding back progress in society. We will also touch on the subject of the Gender Divide, and the false perceptions that exist between the Genders.

In regards to Aesthetics, Privilege follows a Visual Aesthetic that reflects the common Stereotypes that define and divide the Genders (eg. Colour, Font, Shape, Tone, Imagery etc).

Through the deconstruction of Male Privilege, our objective is to communicate to Players why Male Privilege has no place in today's progressive society, and why Feminist thought and Equality should be rigorously promoted. Our target demographic is young people, approximately 18-30, however our aim is not to create an experience that artificially walls off Players that fall outside those bounds. We feel that a Board Game is an ideal medium to communicate our message in a format that is informative, educational and fun. It will allow us to not only critique Male Privilege, but will also facilitate our efforts to engage the audience.

Install instructions


- Colour Printer & Paper

- Single 6 sided Dice

- Scissors

Download the Zip file, extract the game files inside and print each using a Colour Printer. Preferably the Game-board should be printed as an A3 print, however alternatively the board can be printed as 2 A4 prints and attached together. All remaining game files should be printed as A4 prints. The Scenario Cards should be printed as double-sided.

Please note that the Scenario Cards and Player Totems require cutting out along their respective dotted lines before the game can be played.

And remember, have fun!


'Privilege' - Boardgame 7 MB


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I hope that this is just a troll, but I sadly doubt it.  If it focussed on the biases within and between genders/genetics/beliefs/etc., to foster understanding rather than division, THEN it would be worthwhile, but to trumpet a single bias...  Urgh.

I understand most comments are quite old(100+ days old) so they might refer to an earlier version, if there was an earlier one. Still, while I understand what the developers tried to do and aimed for, I cannot say that's a good game. I mean, if you're into abstract board games, you might find the game aesthetically pleasing -I did- but that's subjective.

I really don't want to be rude or anything, but the whole thing felt too...bitter, I think it's the proper word. The rules are pretty basic, you move, land on squares, read cards with turn loss, move forward etc. and so on. Nothing extraordinary. Now, the issue is the cards and more specifically, what;s written on them. For the male characters ~90% of the 'attributes' give bonuses, while for the female ones it's about ~10%. And even those cards make you feel negative (according to a 'positive' card, a female dressed revealing gets a promotion). And it goes all the way like that.

Now, as mentioned in other comments, sexism is very much real and an issue. But this game IS sexist; for both sexes. As a guy that worked for some years and now owns a business and has and is collaborating with many great women and men, I can say with certainty and some degree of smugness, I really don't judge my co-workers and employees by their looks or their sex. If you want to make money and get on well with people, you don't judge them like that. I don't look down on every woman or get along fine with every man and believe me, I am not the only one, there are scores of people like that. There are sexists, but testing the game I can't help but notice that the developers are among those. 

Sorry for the very large comment, and I have to say, there was a certain amount of work and passion in the game. I believe if prejudice are left behind, the developers can come up with something grand.


Male privilege exist, but so does female privilege.

Don't look at the fact women get paid less immediately assume it's because of sexism. Asians get paid more than white people on average. Do people just pay Asians more just because they're Asian? No. They're clearly doing something better than white people, and that's why they're getting paid more. 




Trying to push a political agenda while actively polluting itch.io.


This is such a stupid game and concept. I can't believe the feminazis have invaded itch.


Good job! This game is #1 on my list of things that I would burn if I got for christmas! I also never thought I would see such a sexist board game!


This is a dumb and sexist idea.


Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think! ;)

Elise & Kira.


Seriously? Making us Males who ACTUALLY grants you voting rights the bad people? And also, where did you get the idea that we discriminate you from everything? Are you trying to make us look bad and foolish? I will have you know that millions of men put their blood and sweat into keeping their wives and children safe and happy. 2nd and 3rd wave feminism has done nothing but increased suicide rates for BOTH men and women and divided both genders. So don't you dare think of creating a game about your "problems" and actually make something that people WILL enjoy! Stop bringing feminism into an already happy community.